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My thanks must go to the many photographers, enthusiasts and owners who have contributed photographs to the site, without you this would not have been possible.  All photos on this site are copyright G Bann or of the various photographers listed and should not be used without prior permission in writing from me. 



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This site is dedicated to the memory of Michael Clarke, who contributed so many photographs to these pages.



Over 3000 photos on the site!

As at 14th November 2016 there are 3,240 UK registered balloon photos on this site (& 1 caravan!).



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Two newly registered balloons noted at the Icicle Meet (4th Jan)



Two more additions today (7th Jan)

G-IFOS P Dopson & G-OERX C Deyaert


6 more photos added to the database tonight (11th Jan)



One new addiiton today is a superb image of a LBL-105 (14th Jan)

G-BZUD - A Nimmo


A test inflation shot of G-BXKY added today (16th Jan)

Thanks to Ballooning Pictures


4 new additions today including 1 special shape (29th Jan)



Excellent photo of a recently registered Lindstrand. (15th Feb)

G-CIBI - Copyright Stephen O’Boyle


Huge update with 27 balloons added, thanks to Christoff Deyaert. (6th March)


4 New "Special Shapes" added today (13th March)

G-BWTF (Bear), G-BXGN (Flag), G-BYIX (Bottle), G-LAZY (Chair)


4 more additions, 3 airships plus 1 brand new Cameron balloon (15th March)

G-AMJH, G-OATG, G-SKSB all thanks to the Airship Heritage Trust & G-CILM thanks to Trev Read


One more airship added this evening (18th March)

G-BAWL thanks to the Airship Heritage Trust

Two additions to the site, both photographed in Portugal (20th April)

G-CIKN, G-ODJF both thanks to Rui Sequeira


Great photo of a multicoloured Viva (26th April)

G-BSEH - thanks to Kevin Boon


Two brand new balloons for the new season in the UK (16th May)

G-OPBW - thanks to Liam Whitelock & G-VBAM thanks to Dan Whitelock


Two more new balloons, caught at the Bath Balloon Festival (28th May)

G-CIJL & G-UUPP both thanks to Dan Whitelock


A Belgian based Cameron O-31 added today (29th May)

G-CIMW thanks to Kevin Boon


Nice photo of a superb homebuilt balloon (5th June)

G-CISB thanks to Brian Mead


Two from the Cross London flight this morning (7th June)

G-OALE - thanks to me!, G-OAAM - thanks to Ian Grove


A new Bristol based Cameron C-70 added (25th June)

G-CIND - thanks to Dan Whitelock


Two more newly registered Cameron balloons added this evening (29th June)

G-CIKZ thanks to Kevin Boon & G-CIPD thanks to Dan Whitelock


New "Pirate" shape from Belgium added today (6th July)

G-CILZ thanks again to Kevin Boon


7 New additions plus 1 new artwork from the excellent meeting in Metz this year. (26th Aug)

G-BXUO (artwork), G-CIOU, G-CIOV, G-CIRL, G-CIUK, G-SMMF, G-SPID & G-TBET - all my own work!


1 more addition from Metz (27th Aug)

G-CIET - Thanks to Keith Sowter


5 more balloons on the site this evening (8th Sept)

G-BWUY, G-BWVK, G-TRIB (all A Gibson), G-KENK (K Sowter) G-OIOZ (Bill Teasdale)


4 Additions to the site this evening (27th Sept)

G-GOPR & G-OPWR (Thanks to MJ Ballooning), G-CIRN (Thanks to Kevin Boon) and G-RDEN (Thanks to Trev Read).


8 Photos added from the Bristol Fiesta earlier this year (21st Oct)

G-BWWY, G-ENMY, G-IPEN, G-OBAB, G-OTEA, G-RLDZ, G-UINZ & G-UWEB all thanks to Fay Shepherd



First 2 additions for 2016 (7th January)

G-BSUV & G-PICO thanks to Alistair Ness via Mark Stelling


4 New Images added (21st January)

G-BVUE, G-DANG, G-639, & BAPC-258 all copyright A Gibson


Another 4 images including 3 special shapes (18th February)

G-BVRO, G-BWRK, G-BWSY & G-OOUT all copyright A Gibson


1 further Special Shape balloon added tonight (16th March)

G-PERS copyright A Gibson


3 Balloons added from the BBM&L Inflation Day (12th June)



3 new additions this evening (18th June)

G-CHXN - Thanks to Kevin Boon & G-JEMS - Thanks to James McDonald & G-VBAO - Thanks to Liam Whitelock


4 New balloons noted at the Ricoh Cross London Flight (19th June)

G-KLTB, G-LEAT, G-OPER & G-SCFC - All my own work!


4 more UK balloons added today (9th July)

G-CGTY (MJ Ballooning), G-CIRX, G-CIZM (both Dan Whitelock) & G-CIWE (Trev Read)


3 Additions to the site today (17th July)

G-CJES (Kevin Boon), G-OINT (mine from the Cross London flight) & the gondola from G-TOPG (mine)


1 Addition today (6th August)

First time out of it's Cardington hangar is G-PHRG Airlander 10 Airship


7 Additions today (1st September)

G-CJCS (Bob Garnett) and G-CIKC, G-CIUB, G-CJEI, G-CJGO, G-CJIH, G-PIGZ all taken by me at the 2016 Bristol Balloon Fiesta


1 addition from Warstein (12th September)

G-OIIY - thanks to me!


2 new(ish) balloons added to the site this evening (21st September)

G-CEMV & G-CICO - both thanks to Trev Read


6 Additions to the site today (12th November)

G-AWJC, G-BHMJ (model), G-BWOO, G-BWYV & G-BZNV - A Gibson and G-CCEO - Me


1 New Virgin passenger carrier added (14th November)

G-VBAP - Thanks to Bob Garnett

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