Welcome to the UK Balloon Register g-dash.co.uk.  This website details most of the balloons to appear on the UK civil aircraft register. I have tried to make these pages simpler to search than the old site, hopefully you agree.  I am still missing quite a few UK balloons so if you have any photos of balloons not featured in these pages please get in touch, i'd love to add them to the site.



Recently, i have decided to introduce a "Non-UK" section to the site.  These additional pages are not intended to be definitive listings of balloons from the rest of the world, they are just examples of some of the balloons i've been lucky enough to see on my travels.



My thanks must go to the many photographers, enthusiasts and owners who have contributed photographs to the site, without you this would not have been possible.  All photos on this site are copyright G Bann or of the various photographers listed and should not be used without prior permission in writing from me. I don't know the photographers for a small number of the photos used here, if they are yours, please let me know and i'll either add a copyright in your name or i'll remove the image.



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This site is dedicated to the memories of Michael Clarke and Chris Lane, who both contributed so many photographs to these pages.



Over 3800 photos of UK registered balloons on the site!

As at 2nd July 2024 there are 3,808 UK registered balloon photos on this site (& 1 caravan!).


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Happy New Year! - first addition of the year is G-SNKE thanks to Bob Garnett (20th Jan)


1 hopper added today (31st Jan)



Three additions today, including two balloons that spent most of their time in Belgium (4th Feb)

G-BSUN & G-BUPD - both thanks to Kevin Boon, G-CJBN - thanks to Ian Grove


Another 3 balloons added this evening (6th Feb)

G-BVPF, G-BYEP & G-CIWK All thanks to Alan Head


3 More added to the site tonight (11th Feb)

G-CKMH (Ian Grove), G-CKUA (Cameron Balloons), G-CKPC (Arab News)


2 balloons added tonight (24th Feb)

G-CLIB (Ian Grove) & G-CLIL (Alan Head)


3 more added today (26th Feb)

G-CMEY (G Bann), G-CMKM (Alan Head) & G-DVCI (Christoff Deyaert)


1 Model & 1 homebuilt shape added this evening (15th March)

G-BJLY (Andy Marshall), G-CMBV (Dan Wade)


2 added this evening (25th March)



7 Additions this evening (31st March)

G-BTMO, G-CMKA, G-DKGM (Grant Robinson), G-CMAB, G-ERAS (Ian Grove), G-EOLE (Kevin Boon), G-EVBF (Keith Sowter)


4 More added today (27th May)

G-BYNX (Me), G-SKOT (Guiseppe Bernasconi), G-TTXL & G-VBBG (Cameron Balloons)


12 from the Midlands Air Festival (13th June)

G-CLUU & G-CMLH (both thanks to Bob Garnett), G-BVPA, G-BYNW (No Artwork), G-CKWJ, G-CMFX, G-CMNR, G-CMSB, G-EDSU, G-ELII, G-JEMZ & G-TILY (All my own work!)


1 addition this evening (2nd July)

G-BWVU - Thanks to Jay Holmes



First addition of 2023 is G-JAKX taken at the Epiphany Meet in Mondovi - thanks to Colin Wright (13th Jan)


Two additions this evening (30th Jan)


2 More to addd tonight (24th Feb)

The airship from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang G-AVSL added plus a really poor photo of G-BCFE (model) taken by me.  If you have a better image, please let me know.


One further addition this evening (31st Jan)

G-BCAO - Copyright Ad Vercruijsse - www.aviator.nl


3 new rides balloons based in the Gulf States added tonight (1st Feb)

G-CMDB, G-CMDC & G-CMDF - All thanks to Ian Grove


1 Final addition for today (1st Feb)

G-BBLV(2) / D-RAIFFEISENBANK - Copyright Freiballonclub Slzach-Inn 


Another brand new balloon added tonight (4th Feb)

G-CMEK -thanks to Paul Coman


Static balloon on Rhyl seafront added this evening (14th Feb)

G-CMIY - thanks to Graham Clark


1 special shaped balloon, 2 Virgin rides balloons & 1 airship added tonight (19th Feb)

G-CCYP Thanks to KM McLaughlin, G-VBAH Thanks to Alan Head, G-VBAV Thanks to Ian Grove, G-BWMV By I, Dontworry, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2266552


Another 6 Virgin rides balloons added tonight (20th Feb)

G-VBAD Thanks to Vin LK, G-VBAK Thanks to Chris, G-VBAN Thanks to Simon, G-VBAS Thanks to Robert Camp, G-VBAT Thanks to Ian & G-VBBB Thanks to Tom Balson


HAV-3 Airship photo added this evening (22nd Feb)

G-OHAV Thanks to Trevor Weston


1 further addition this evening (28th Feb)

G-BHCS This Image is Copyright J Lane


2 additions tonight (8th Mar)

G-ODLD & G-VBAI (Thanks to Liam Daniels)


1 hopper photo from South Africa added today (11th Mar)

G-BIDZ - Thanks to Bruce Perkins


1 addition today (5th April)

G-BKJA - Thanks again to Keith Sowter


5 more for the site this evening, including one vintage airship (9th April)

G-BKXL (Ballooning Pictures), G-BLSI (Steve Lowe), G-BLVX, G-BMEE (Chris Lane) & G-CIRC (Colin Wright) Thanks to each of the photographers


1 further addition this weekend (10th April)

G-BMZT Thanks to Jan Hetebrij


1 Airship added this evening (11th April)

G-PSPS - Original artwork


1 further Virgin Balloon Flights passenger carrier (14th April)

G-YVBF (Thanks to Keith Sowter)


1 veteran airship added today (26th April)

G-BKIK (Thanks to Nick Weight)


A great vintage photo added tonight (22nd May)

G-BMHO (Original Artwork) - Thanks to Jeff Roberts


1 new passenger carrier balloon, photographed near Diss (4th June)

G-NLCB - Thanks to Mike Burdett


12 new additions noted at the Midlands Air Festival (5th June)

G-CIXR (Without Artwork), G-CJEI (Without Artwork), G-CKWW, G-CMMS, G-ELEE, G-FOEW, G-GNJR, G-OPKF (Without Artwork), G-ORGN, G-PAID, G-REGO, G-YSHK


Two additions to the site this evening (15th June)

G-PIGZ (Artwork Removed), G-VBAY both thanks to Ian Grove


1 addition today (7th July)

G-CLJT - Thanks to Brian Crossland-Mead for this great image of one of his balloons


3 more balloons added this evening (16th July)

G-CLAF (Kubicek Balloons UK), G-CGDP (Kevin McLaughlin) & G-VBAZ (Ian Grove)


2 additions from GEMAB today (4th Aug)



1 new balloon added this evening (14th Aug)

G-OALT - Thanks again to Keith Sowter


5 More balloons added this evening, all noted at the Bristol Fiesta (23rd Aug)

G-CLFL, G-CMCK, G-CMFP, G-CMND, G-VBBF - All from Bob Garnett, many thanks!


1 balloon that was exported to Germany some time ago (24th Aug)

G-BPXP - Thanks to Chris Lane


2 More for the site this evening (28th Aug)

G-BSDT (Thanks to John Olafson) & G-BSEN (Thanks to Cameron Balloons)


Probably the last 2 additions this month is an Airship. (30th Aug)

G-BRTR - Thanks again to Bill Teasdale, G-TICO Thanks to me!


Nice shot of an Airship from 2016 (3rd Sept)

G-SUNA - Thanks to Barry Ambrose


2 more added this evening (5th Sept)

G-RFLO (Thanks to Ian Grove) G-SKSD (Thanks to Tim Boxsell)


Another double tonight taking us to 3700 balloon photos (8th Sept)

G-BRJM (Thanks to Keith Sowter), G-CLNS (Thanks to Jason Wheeler)


4 New balloons on the site tonight (18th Sept)

G-BTYZ (Thanks to Mike Illien), G-CMNN, G-CPAF & G-UNGY (Thanks to Ballooning Pictures on Facebook)


1 addition this evening (29th Sept) 

G-BVSU (also carrying N199DB) - Thanks to me!


First update for a month, 6 additions to look at! (22nd Oct)

G-BVVT - Keith Sowter, G-BXJT - Keith Bradley, G-ELMR - Duncan Allwood, G-CDWX (changed artwork) G-GASI, G-OWOF - Colin Wright


9 balloons added this evening (7th Nov)

G-CCAY (thanks to Matthias Schlegel), G-BYFU, G-BYSU, G-BZWF, G-BZXF, G-CBAW, G-CBIW, G-CCIE & G-CCLG (thanks to George Garcia)


1 rides balloon added this evening (9th Dec)

G-CGGE - Thanks to balloonride.org.uk




First one of the year is G-BZDX thanks to Jan Vermeulen (16th Feb)


4 added today, all from the Springkle Meet (2nd April)

G-CLMN, G-CMEX, G-COAT & G-SAWS - all my own work!


1 new one today, the first for a while (3rd June)

G-OBCP thanks to Keith Sowter


17 new photos added today, all from the Midlands Air Festival (4th June)

G-BYNW, G-CCFV, G-DIPZ (all with changed artwork), G-CLMM, G-CLOK, G-CLZI, G-CMBU, G-CMFS, G-CMOO, G-DANJ, G-DRHK, G-HCOS, G-MKAK, G-MOWW, G-SHBH, G-STAC, G-TREW - all my own work!


2 New additions this afternoon (29th July)

G-KAWS (MJ Ballooning) and G-CMDH (Duncan Allwood) - Thanks to both contributors,


First addition of the day (12th Aug)

G-JOVE - strikingly beautiful balloon, taken on its maiden flight by Tim Wilkinson, image via Jo Scott


9 further additions today, all from the Bristol Balloon Fiesta (12th Aug)

G-CMBY, G-FWRK, G-GCCC, G-HUBO, G-INZZ, G-ORCV, G-PSLT, G-VBAU, G-ZOIZ (Artwork change) - All my own work!


3 More brand new balloons added today (14th Aug)

G-CMBW & G-SPRY (Bob Garnett) and G-CMCH Special Shape (Kevin Boon)


1 new special shape added today (15th Aug)

G-OMIB thanks to MJ Ballooning


5 new balloons added tonight (23rd Aug)

G-CLGX, G-CLMS, G-CLXE, G-CLZR, G-FVUK - All thanks to Colin Wright


1 new special shape added today (8th Sept)

G-CMJR thanks to Bob Garnett


2 more additions this evening (13th Sept)

G-DBGB & G-GUIN both thanks to Bob Garnett again.


3 Additions this evening (27th Sept)

G-BXDZ, G-BZYT & CKZS all thanks to Kevin McLaughlin


Two new additions this evening (18th Oct)

G-BZNA - Mine & G-SAXC - Thanks to Bill Teasdale


4 More new additions today (20th Oct)

G-BVDS - Mine, G-BYJR, G-BZTL - Thanks to Chris Lane, G-BZUO - Thanks to Ian Press


One new addition this evening (25th Oct)

G-BYIJ - Thanks to Jan Hetebrij




First 2 balloons of the year added today (7th Feb)

G-CESX & CESY both thanks to Rod Smith


Another 3 additions to the site this evening (19th Feb)

G-CLGJ, G-CLKD & G-GELI all thanks to Kevin Boon.


Two special shape balloons added this evening (19th March)

G-BNFJ (Chris Lane), G-MORG (Tom Balson)


One addition tonight,, a brand new and great looking Cameron balloon (30th March)

G-SHAD thanks to Rob Ellerington Parr


Another new balloon, seen on its first inflation, added this evening (11th April)

G-CLPC Thanks to Dan Whitelock


Another new balloon for the Bristol / Bath area (7th May)

G-CLTT Thanks to Dan Whitelock


A Hot Airlines rides balloon which i've never seen before, added tonight (15th June)

G-CCZI Thanks to Ewan Rosser


A big update today with 14 balloons from the Midlands Air Festival (17th June)

G-BWYN, G-BXKU (new artwork), G-CLVX, G-CLVY, G-DYNO, G-ESMI, G-HYLA, G-OETS, G-OEWE, G-SLYY, G-STBT, G-UMBS, G-WAYS (new artwork), G-ZABA - all my own work!


Another 3 balloons added this evening (28th June)

G-CLXY & G-RLDX (Thanks to Duncan Allwood), G-VBBA (Thanks to John Tomlinson)


2 new additions tonight (20th Aug)

G-CETK (Ann Meads), G-CMAN (Ewan Rosser)


1 additional balloon added today (20th Sept)

G-BZKX (Thanks to Tengwei Balloons)


3 Balloons added today, from the Utoxeter Balloon Festival (21st Sept)

G-CKUP, G-CLPW & G-CMBJ (thanks to Bob Garnett)


1 additional balloon added tonight (8th October)



3 Hoppers, all noted at the One Man Meet (16th Oct)

G-CLOX (Trev Read), G-CLUM & G-CLVV (Bob Garnett)




2 new balloons, noted at the Icicle Meet (4th Jan)

G-CLGB & G-CLJL - Both thanks to me :-)


Long time since I actually saw any new balloons, but here are 3 thanks to Bob Garnett (4th Apr)



Taken at Woodford Airshow back in 1966 is this Hawker Siddeley balloon (9th April)

G-ATWM - Thanks to Paul Haigh


One more addition today, taken back at Longleat last summer. (17th April)

G-DUMA - Thanks to Bob Garnett


Lovely shot of "Hocus Pocus, a Lindstrand LBL Series 2-80 (27th April)

G-HCUS Thanks to Dave Such / Andreas van den Berg


Two gas balloons from the early 1970's added this evening (5th July)



Now that Covid restrictions are being eased, new balloons are out and about. Thanks to the photographers mentioned below for these 5 additions (5th Sept)

G-CKKO (Keith Sowter), G-CLKC (Ian Grove), G-CLNX, G-CLNY & G-RNDE (Kubicek Balloons UK)


Another rare update this year, but 10 balloons have been added to the site tonight, taking us to over 3500 balloons represented on these pages.  Thank you to all the photographers who have contributed. (3rd Oct)

G-CIFI (Kevin Boon), G-CKAD, G-CLHV, G-CLLM, G-CLPD, G-EDAM, G-HEXE, G-MAXB, G-ROBX (MJ Ballooning), G-SODA (Trev Read)


One more addition today, a hopper that has eluded me for some time! (30th Oct)

G-ISOB - Thanks to Trev Read (again!)


A fantastic addition today, one from the 1970's, taken on its maiden flight. (5th Nov)

G-AZST (Jeff Roberts)


3 "Heritage" airships / balloons added today. (9th Dec)





Happy New Year!  - This year's first addition is from the Epiphany Meet, in Mondovi (5th Jan)

G-CKTU - Thanks to Trev Read


2 Additions from the Saturday inflation at the Icicle Meet (5th Jan)

G-MOUZ & G-MUSM - thanks to me!


Two extra balloons added today (1st Feb)

G-BYZV (Mark Stelling) & G-PAWW (Trev Read) - Thanks to both photographers


One "Royalty Free" image of an airship added (5th Feb)



One additional airship photo added (6th Feb)



7 New additions tonight, 1 tethered balloon and 6 Models (22nd Feb)

G-CCYF, G-BHLJ, G-BINU, G-BINZ, G-BJGM, G-FYFH, G-FYGM - All thanks to Derek Heley


2 New addition today (25th Feb)

G-DBAT - Thanks to Derek Heley & G-PIXE Thanks to David McCutcheon


1 New Passenger Carrier added today. (27th Feb)

G-VBFZ - Thanks to Steve Knight


1 new airship added this evening (20th Mar)

G-ZEPP - Thanks to Oscar Dragt


1 great UltraMagic Racer photo added tonight (28th Mar)

G-CJCE - Thanks to Glenn Board


2 newly registered balloons added to the site this evening (23rd April)

G-CLBD Thanks to Dan Whitelock & G-CLCR Thanks to Kevin Boon 


3 additions from the Midlands Air Festival (20th May)

G-BXVW, G-CKVE & G-PNAD - all my own work!


1 very Colourful Kubicek Racer added today (23rd July)

G-CKYW - Thanks to Kubicek Balloons UK https://www.kubicekballoons.net


3 UK balloons missing from the site were noted at the GEMAB event in Chambley (13th Aug)

G-CLCC, G-KENL & G-SIXP - all thanks to me.


2 Additions, including 1 airship (20th Sept)

G-HSTH (no artwork) & G-STVL - Both thanks to Richard Gahan


1 New addition today, based in Belgium (21st Sept)

G-CLGV - Thanks to Christoff Deyaert


10 balloons noted at the Exclusive Cup this year (21st Sept)

G-BVOP, CLBK, CLBP, CLDJ, CLGK, CLGP, CLHS, IMCH, JIMA & XBXX - all thanks to Vince Horan


2 Swedish based hoppers added this evening (19th Oct)

G-BNZN, G-CLFF - both with thanks to Per Lesser




3 additions from the Icicle Meet (6th Jan)

G-CIWY, G-CSEE & G-DONK - all my own work.


From the early 1980's when they flooded the register, 4 model balloons are now on the site (4th Feb)



3 additions taken in 1983 (6th Feb)

G-BKBD, G-BKPN G-GEUP - All showing original artwork


5 More memories from the early 1980s (11th Feb)

G-BEXV, G-BHCU, G-BHGU (model), G-BIAZ & G-LENS (original artwork)


Photos of Model balloons are hard to find so today's addition is extremely welcome. (17th March)

G-BHRU - thanks to Ray Shortall


Nice shot of one of the new Lindstrand Airships (17th April)

G-NORG - Thanks to Trev Read


Three balloons that are no longer on the UK register added this evening (20th April)

G-BWNW, G-BXAD, G-BXVF - all thanks to Malcom White


Attractive Lindstrand 90 added this evening (24th April)

G-DUNS - Thanks to Andy Martin


Three additions from the rain affected BBML Inflation Day (28th April)

G-BBCB, G-BFLP plus G-BMHJ (artwork removed) - all thanks to me


6 additions this evening (8th June)

G-BZEY, G-CISL - thanks to Jan Vermeulen, G-OCGD - Thanks to Keith Harbor & G-OFBT - Thanks to Fairview Balloon Team, G-BLCH (new envelope), G-CKMN - Thanks to Richard Tregear


4 Additions from the Midland Air Festival (9th June)

G-CJIL, G-CKPR, G-CKTW, G-ODRT - all my own work.


4 New balloons added to the site tonight, 3 from the recent Bedale meet (18th June)

G-BLCY, G-CGFO, G-CIWW & G-CJWY - all thanks to Bob Garnett


3 More additions this evening (25th June)

G-HAZD - A Clarke, G-VBAL - Paul Wade & G-VBAW - Bob Garnett


5 Belgian based balloons added (9th July)

G-CKDT - Thanks to Christof Deyaert, G-CIJM, G-CJWH, G-CKGI & G-CKWY - Thanks to Kevin Boon


10 Additions from this year's Sagrantino Cup in Italy (4th Aug)

G-CBPW (New Artwork), G-CISJ, G-CJXK, G-CKHJ, G-CKXE, G-CKXR, G-CLBH, G-RAYO (New Artwork), G-ROSK & G-SEBS - All my own work.


4 more new balloons normally located in Europe (18th Aug)

G-CKHU (Christoff Deyaert), G-CKXH, G-CKXK & G-KENR (all Kevin Boon)


5 additions from this year's Bristol Balloon Fiesta (21st Aug)

G-CJXI (Bob Garnett), G-CIUA, G-CKTG, G-CKXA & G-OPAW (Fay Shepherd)


2 new photos taken at Wisborough Green (2nd Sept)

G-BZXO (Changed artwork), G-CKBP - Both thanks to me.


21 new balloon photos, all taken at the Exclusive Cup, Longleat (17th Sept)

G-CBEJ, G-CJHV, G-CJYZ, G-CKIN (Changed Artwork), G-CKTV, G-CKUN, G-CKVI, G-CKWH, G-CKXG, G-CKYX, G-DAAY, G-HEAL, G-IAMP (Changed Artwork), G-ICOR, G-MOJI, G-OAAM (Changed Artwork), G-OASI, G-RECL, G-SATI, G-TIBF & G-WESS (All my own work!)


1 Addition from the Irish National Championships in Birr (26th Sept)

G-BYMW (2) - Thanks to Trev Read


5 new additions from the Annex 2 meet in Riseley (20th Oct)

G-CISC, G-CISD, G-CIWX, G-CKZJ & G-OHLV - All thanks to me.



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