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I've suspended this for the moment due to overseas spammers trying to post sales links here, it may open again in future, however in the meantime you can contact me by sending a message to UK Balloon Register on Facebook.






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  • Matthew Joyce (Thursday, April 03 14 07:03 pm BST)

    Thanks for adding my MJ Ballooning site to your links page. Great site too.

  • karl (Thursday, January 23 14 08:47 pm GMT)

    A fantastic website for any balloon enthusiast.

  • Sally Tugulu (nee Howes) (Monday, August 19 13 10:17 pm BST)

    Reliving my childhood! First flight was about 1977/9 as my dads first passenger following his checkout and becoming PP72b. Recognising many balloons from those early days in the eastern & the
    chiltern region etc. fantastic. Thank you.

  • Keith Cruttenden (Friday, June 21 13 07:56 pm BST)

    Just found you- what a treat! Soooo easy to use and find my way around..GREAT!! Thanks, Keith.

  • steve.roake (Sunday, June 16 13 09:26 am BST)

    I have witnessed Graham's site get better and better over the years , now it is truly an oracle for spotters and pilots alike. nice job.

  • Paul Clent (Monday, May 06 13 10:06 pm BST)

    Nice to see my old balloon G-BRNY from 20 years ago, just prior to my cross London flight with Dick Sargeant 13-Mar-93

  • B.Allen (Thursday, November 08 12 03:20 pm GMT)

    Good picture of G-ZUMP, it's been a long time since I last flew from Berkshire in it.

  • Steve Wilson-Burgess (Saturday, October 13 12 05:54 pm BST)

    What a cracking site, very helpful in tracking `those pesky balloons`with miniscule registrations
    Continued Success

  • Oliver Webb (Saturday, June 09 12 08:18 pm BST)

    Great to see my balloon back in the 90's. Lovely looking thing still! G-BRSA

  • r j beattie (Wednesday, May 23 12 10:52 pm BST)

    hi - i'm the registered owner of G-BHZX. Came across this site and was pleased to see a pic. of my now, very old envelope. I do have lots of balloon pics, some from back in the 70's. regards r j

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